Reflecting on Yesterday and Building for Tomorrow: My Journey with HPA

By Kate Othus, MHA

When I begin to reflect on my decision to join HPA, I realize what a whirlwind the last two years have been. Initially, the timing and synchronicity of intention seemed almost serendipitous. How was it possible a company with such a likeminded mission would come to my attention at such a pivotal moment? Fortunately, it wasn’t too good to be true after all. HPA has proven their authenticity of purpose time and again by helping independent doctors provide better care for their patients and thrive professionally. For me, that was always the point.

“The most difficult thing in this world is not to convince people to accept new ideas, but to make them forget old ones.”
– John Keynes

My first introduction to HPA came cloaked in a unique opportunity. I was looking for investors to incorporate the DataDx® technology I had founded as a groundbreaking data tool for small to midsized private practices. All it took was one initial meeting, in which I presented DataDx to the HPA leadership team, for everyone to walk away convinced that a compelling new synergy had just presented itself.

Right away, we realized that providing HPA members with the power of DataDx and its real-time benchmarking data could spark a revolution in healthcare. One that empowers providers with a new level of independence and prosperity. By also banding together privately owned practices, we could offer doctors significant discounts, enhanced services, and best-in-class consultants to help guide their practice management. And the best part? All of these membership perks would be supplied by the very company they themselves own.

In the nearly two years since that initial meeting, the hardworking and steadfast HPA team has never once lost sight of their singular mission; improving the lives of independent doctors. Every decision is guided by one question, “Will this benefit our doctors?” If the answer is no, we aren’t interested in moving forward, full stop. This level of discipline has brought HPA to where we stand today. Our Founders Round of doctors has sold out and we are on the precipice of being a publicly traded company that is majority-owned by its own best clients, our members.

Despite the many unexpected challenges, we and our members have faced over the past two years, we have forged forward. Even in the grip of Covid-19, HPA resonated with our Founders for one reason, because it made sense for their patients. This speaks to the power of our model, as well as the grit, creativity, and nimbleness of our team to not only overcome every obstacle we have encountered but prosper.

And we are only at the end of the beginning!

There is no doubt, HPA is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing a vibrant, interactive, learning community where our physicians and dentists can retain their independence. Instead of losing the value that our members have painstakingly built into their practice to MSOs or DSOs, they retain it and gain much more. Add this to our world-class services model and we are enabling our members to flourish and grow.

To the HPA team that I am privileged to lead, to our founding doctors who have embarked on this journey with us, to our partners who have joined us on our mission – we have only just begun.

Reach out to learn more about HPA and how our model can help your practice stay independent and improve your life as well as the lives of your team, your patients, and your community. We welcome you.

Kate Othus

Kate Othus serves as President of Health Professionals Alliance and CEO of DataDx, a state-of-the-art dashboard with real-time reporting that gives physicians and dentists instant access performance indicators. Learn more about Kate here.