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A better way forward

Doctors are under attack.

Cost pressures, insurance limitations, and regulatory hurdles continue to shrink the pie, reduce profits, and harm quality of life, not to mention the ability to deliver patient care.
Left unchecked, these new realities force private practices either out of business or into private equity groups or hospital corporations.
Health Professionals Alliance was formed to fight for the independent physician. Working together we grow the pie, increase margins, provide solutions, restore quality of life, and give doctors back the promise of remaining independent.


Health Professionals Alliance (HPA) exists to empower and preserve the independent doctor.
Through a proven approach, HPA comes alongside medical and dental professionals with a customized platform of support including diversification strategies, a supportive alliance, and financial options from lending to practice liquidity. HPA returns choice, growth, and quality of life to the independent doctor while helping them deliver superior patient care.



We invite you to meet the founding members and innovators who have joined the Alliance; securing their independence and quality of life.

Preserve what you have. Protect your practice. Get back your time.

  • Expand with proven extensions
  • New services and practice expansions backed by smart services that help you grow quickly
  • Partnerships and services that generate new revenue and tangible assets
  • Tools that create both financial and time margin for providers
Power of the Alliance
  • Spread risk across an alliance of historically low risk medical specialties
  • Gain resources of like-minded and supportive peers
  • Volume purchasing
  • Collective data and analytics to advance any practice
  • Cumulative benefits to improve patient care
Financial Choice
  • Starting with a higher quality borrower, lower risk, established revenue and assets
  • Networked financial solutions that expand offerings, enable choice, and deliver increased fiscal and time margin
  • Solutions to improve services and take back control of your practice
  • Unlock cash from an existing, active practice
  • Proven liquid asset (marketable security) in the public market
  • Enable future wealth building and generational benefits
  • Expand the value of a single practice through the growth power of combining the asset with other growing assets

Health Professionals Alliance Benefits

  • Insurance Products (medical malpractice + supplemental)
  • Business management services
  • Tools and templates for growth
  • Built on a strong network of providers
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Identify reimbursement opportunities
  • Cost and pricing transparency
  • Identify margin improvement 
  • Doctors First Program
  • Equity conversion
  • Practice growth
  • Partner Buyout program
  • Patient Financing
  • Dental Practice Acquisition financing

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