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Why We Exist

“HPA is the best choice helping dentists compete and control the destiny of their practices in an environment increasingly controlled by corporate groups. Dentists who are leading their practices provide the best care for the patients they serve. HPA will help you do that and much more! A unique model that every practitioner should evaluate as they consider their personal, professional, and financial future.”

Dr. Brad Hester

DDS, Bend Family Dental

Why We Exist

“Please consider HPA. Their mission is to help us preserve, maintain and grow our private practices. They practice what they preach. I’m glad to be a part of the HPA network.”

Dr. Steve Greenman

DDS, Owner, Steven C Greenman

Why We’re Here

HPA’s “why” was born out of a clear understanding of the financial forces that drive corporate consolidation. This can create a negative affect on practices, patient care and healthcare costs.

We are bringing these negative affects to the attention of the healthcare market… with a different solution that empowers independent practices that keeps the rewards of their efforts with them and their patients.

We're here to protect private practices from consolidation.

Why We Exist

HPA has not only so much to offer, but it will change the face of medicine. Enough private equity garbage. Let doctors be doctors and treat patients. HPA will allow doctors to do just that and create generational wealth as well. All doctors should at least investigate this amazing opportunity.

Dr. Michael Rieber

MD, Orthopedics Unlimited

Why We Exist

I am very impressed with the team that HPA has assembled to help independent doctors like myself and their practices remain independent and to thrive. The opportunity for us doctors to share ownership in HPA adds an investment element that is both unique and very compelling for anyone interested in considering this path toward wealth accumulation. These are very bright people doing the right things for the right reasons, and I am very excited to be a part of what HPA is creating in the healthcare space in support of practitioners, their patients, and communities!

Dr. Matt Hicks

DMD, Moreland Dental

What We Do

HPA plays a major disruptive role in the consolidation trend underway in Healthcare. We believe that healthcare is not a place where profiteering by private equity and their shareholders should be allowed.

HPA has pioneered a truly revolutionary alternative model that solves many of the issues that challenge private practice. Private practices must come together.

We eliminate both the pitfalls of corporate ownership and private equity, while still creating increased income and wealth for it’s HPA shareholder/member doctors.

We offer an alternative solution, aligning like-minded practices, nationally.

How We Do It

HPA bands like-minded, independent doctors together in a company owned by the practices that also make up the membership.

This company specializes in helping its members save and earn more money by using the networked leverage created by our member practices to negotiate better deals on things they already spend money on. We drive savings and revenue to practices today while growing HPA’s collective value for its shareholders to build wealth tomorrow.

Our Member Portal is at the core of everything HPA.

We drive value back to your practice using network buying power and influence.

Why We Exist

As a solo practitioner I have always felt somewhat isolated within our industry. It’s not difficult to find great financial opportunities that DSO and even larger group practices are afforded that single doc practices simply are not. And those opportunities are not simply buy-out options, they are access to goods, services, systems, consulting, financing, etc., that dentists like myself simply are not. This concern of mine is not a new one. Attempts of solo-docs to band together have been attempted time and time again. I’ve been a part of several. The vision of HPA is thankfully different. We as members gain access to HPA’s countless resources to help fund and grow our practices, all while maintaining 100% ownership of our businesses, but also capture incredible financial opportunities through stock in a company that is growing by the day. Being a part of this community is one of the more exciting opportunities that I’ve come across in my career.

Dr. Mitch Hopkins

DDS, Hopkins Dental Health

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Seeing is believing. HPA’s list of strategic partners are designed to meet the needs of the entire practice… we’re not limited only to supply purchasing.

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Why We Exist

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