Kate Othus, CEO

What kind of person does it take to launch a company that exists entirely to empower independent doctors? As the Founder and President of DataDx and CEO of Health Professionals Alliance (HPA), Kate Othus would say her childhood gave her a boost with the empathy she absorbed from her mother, a lifelong nurse, and the drive her entrepreneur father imparted along the way. Kate realized shortly after completing her Bachelors in Exercise Science that she could have a greater impact by earning her Masters in Healthcare Administration from Portland State University. She expanded her expertise by becoming an educator herself. As an adjunct professor at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), Kate taught Strategic Planning and Organizational Development courses within the Healthcare Certificate and MBA programs. Working side-by-side with physicians as a practice CEO and Administrator for various specialty groups, she witnessed outdated and often error prone data repeatedly lead to poor business decisions by providers. Kate carried that experience forward as she transitioned to healthcare business consulting. There she developed a high performing consulting team to serve private practices and formed a personal philosophy that propels her next steps to this day. It’s all about the people who feel valued and are willing to become lifelong learners for the purpose of helping others. When emotions are calmed by data driven decisions and logic can inform the plan, a shared sense of understanding and respect will follow. Building and executing winning strategies, so that doctors can focus on giving the best possible care for their patients, has become monumental to her life’s mission. Now Kate serves as CEO for both DataDx and  (HPA) and practices nationwide are better for it.
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