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Health Professionals Alliance is a collective effort of multiple entities, specialists, and market verticals to offer the medical and dental community a national model that is truly revolutionary.

We exist to equip physician and dental practices with the tools necessary to maintain their independence, build value, increase profitability, and control their patient care. 

Executive Team

Kate Othus


Dan Barnett

Finance Director


Roy Rose

Chairman of the Board

Kate Othus


Michael Balter

Board Member

Membership Division

Brendon Lundberg

President, Membership

Grant Diggles

VP, Membership

Jessica McBurney

Regional Manager

John Van Leeuwen

VP, Membership

Doug Fettig

VP, Membership

Finance & Investor Relations

Manny Lopez

Executive Director


Eric Schulz

VP, Business Development

Justin Valley

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Roberts

Executive Recruiter

Courtney Stevenson

Payor Contracting Specialist

Noelle Vilela

Provider Enrollment Specialist

Sheila Kirkegaard


Kevin Kwiecien



Glen Lawrence

Chief Business Officer

Jon Mattes

Director of Analytics

Ben Lawrence

Associate Data Scientist

Cassie Randolph

Project Manager

Patrick Andersen

Associate Data Engineer

Joe Garro

Cloud Engineer

Ahmed Abualsoud

Business Analyst

Dorothy Gasque

Data Analyst


Justin Valley

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Roberts

Manager, Human Resources

Christine Potter

Executive Administrator

Jayme Barnes

Marketing Director

Matt Mortinsen

Project Manager

Noelle Vilela

Program Coordinator

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