Keep your practice,

grow the upside.

HPA is an optimal solution to selling into a consolidation model.
Aligning your interests with HPA helps you keep the “wins” for yourself.

More than a membership,be an owner.

From the very beginning, Health Professionals Alliance designed the company to consist of members who have the option to also be shareholders in a collective company representing their interests.

We encourage each of our members to consider ownership in HPA as part of their experience and enjoy the benefits of the company’s growth together.

Doctors and business people talking in meeting

Benefits of ownership,without sellingyour practice.

The original concept behind HPA’s ownership strategy was simple… “rather than consolidating with corporations who own and control you, why don’t you align your interests with other independent practices and own HPA together?”

Maintain 100% ownership of your practice, control your patient care, build your net worth and still get the support you need to build and maintain a thriving practice.


A strategy today...plans for tomorrow.

A key component to HPA’s model is our intent to bring the company to the public market. HPA not only brings value proposition to our member’s practice’s today, but plans to create an upside for everyone by eventually listing on the public market to the benefit of every member/shareholder.

Investment for Accredited Investors

We invite healthcare professionals who qualify as an accredited investor to join HPA as a partner.

A Variety of Investment Options

HPA is not a “one size fits all”. We offer several unique offerings to help you find the right fit for you.

Investment Designed For Doctors

HPA’s shareholders are represented primarily by independent physicians and dentists.


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