Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing

Medical marketing requires a particular understanding of healthcare in order to properly educate patients while promoting your practice. The key to a successful medical marketing campaign is to properly promote your practice while never compromising your image as a trusted healthcare provider.

Our team of highly experienced marketing and clinical experts have extensive, first-hand experience in the medical field. In fact, our proven marketing strategies began inside of a multi-specialty medical practice.

Our team offers the rare combination of executive leadership and agency-level marketing and clinical experience. We have worked in virtually every healthcare setting from hospitals and universities to large private practices and startups.

Our Services

Medical Marketing
Work with a full-service agency to handle your strategy, planning, design, content development, and implementation.

Digital Marketing
Rely on our experts in website design & development, search engine optimization, online paid advertising, social media, reputation management, email marketing to dominate your market online.

Budgeting & Planning
Optimize your budget with strategic plans based on real-world results. Know what you need to do to build and maintain a thriving practice.

Anchor your name to the services you offer within your community to become the premier provider in your market.

Omni-Channel Marketing
Manage the patient experience at every touch point to ensure a high-quality experience each and every time.

Tracking & Analysis
It is important to know what’s working, and what isn’t. Track everything from your patient count to which marketing channels are producing a return on investment.

Experience is Everything

Help your patients and referring providers understand what you do with medical designs that educate and brand your practice.

Content Development
Your content (or lack of it) will make or break your medical marketing. Our designers and copywriters have extensive medical experience and develop top-notch content that properly represents your practice while also ranking online. It also educates both patients and providers, and it is yours to keep. You own it.

Website Design & Development
To succeed online, you need a modern website that provides your patients with an exceptional user experience. Your goal is simple: You want your website to act as your own WebMD for your specialty in your market.

Medical SEO
How are you going to stay ahead of the big box stores and your competition online? You have to establish domain authority while managing your overall reputation.

Reputation Management
Your patients see you long before you see them. Therefore, it is important to have a protocol that involves your entire team, which may also include a software solution. Interestingly, the same principles used to manage your online presence also lowers your risk of malpractice litigation.

Online images define your marketing campaigns. When it comes to your team, your practice, and your patients, you can stand out with an affordable, strategic approach to photography.

Video content is becoming more and more essential. Authentic, true-to-life photos and videos are most compelling to patients, and we can either create video content for you or help build your own cost-effective setup to create your own photos and video content on a regular basis.

Telephone Training & Lead Management
The time and energy spent attracting new patients are intense. Don’t let your campaign break down due to a lack of training or education. We can optimize your phone system and train your staff and providers to get the most out of each opportunity.

Media Strategy, Buying & Placement
It is quite simple to purchase advertisements. The hard part is to know how to get the best pricing, placement, and overall visibility to ensure an optimal return on investment.

Print Management
With so many options available to print your medical marketing materials, it is often difficult to select a reliable vendor with competitive pricing. Our printers have been vetted, and our economies of scale provide industry best pricing without compromising on quality.

Let Our Team of Experts Help You

Healthcare is complicated, and it is often challenging for leaders to find the time and resources to handle their marketing properly. But you can’t cut corners on developing your brand–let us help you.

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