Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Revenue Cycle Management that makes lives better.
Providers of all shapes and sizes use our service partner’s Revenue Cycle Management service to submit the most accurate claims, manage denials, bill patients, and much more, all on the most transparent platform in healthcare.

Problem: Revenue cycle management is the #1 reason why doctors don’t want to be doctors anymore.

Healthcare payments are miserable. Managing insurance (revenue cycle management + medical billing) and patients (patient billing and collections) is completely broken. It is manual. There is paper everywhere.

Solution: Doctors keep life healthy. Our service partner keeps Providers healthy.
Our Revenue Cycle Management partner is on a mission to make doctor and patient lives better. They want to make doctors want to be doctors again. They strive every day to do that by building the best Revenue Cycle Management platform and service so doctors can focus on being incredible to their patients, not waiting on hold for insurance.
They build powerful and beautiful tools for healthcare providers and strive to organize the complex world of Healthcare Payments which are comprised of medical billing, Revenue Cycle Management, patient collections, and much more.

The Holistic Revenue Cycle Platform
Revenue Cycle is the worst part of any provider’s job. Our service partners’ holistic Revenue Cycle platform and service brings everything together to operate the best healthcare business. This is the fastest, most accurate, and most transparent Revenue Cycle Management platform and service in the healthcare industry. They increase payer reimbursements by 10%, delight patients, reduce HIPAA risk, and provide industry-leading transparency. Clients say “it’s like magic.”

At the same cost of existing billers, their claim A.I. increases reimbursements by 10%-40% and improves speed by up to 50%. Their Patient A.I. improves patient collections by 10% and the cloud-based dashboards give you complete, real-time transparency into your billing operation.

Claims A.I.

With our service partner’s unique Claims A.I. healthcare providers can operate their entire Revenue Cycle with just one practice administrator.

  • Data Driven: their implementation process will take Practices to a fully data-driven and automatic revenue cycle.
  • A.I.: Ensure that practices are error-free and fast. Their guarantee SLAs ensure 95% claim accuracy and under 48-hour claim submissions.
  • True Transparency: Providers manage their entire practice from the Dashboard. No mail, no fax, no paper – our partner removes paper and paperwork.
  • Reduce HIPAA Risk: Revenue Cycle poses one of the largest HIPAA compliance risks. Our partner reduced HIPAA risk significantly with true encryption and best in class data practices.

Patient A.I.

Give your patients the best experience in healthcare. Our service partner will automatically generate and deliver easy to understand patient statements just days after adjudication. Patients are guided into a beautiful mobile billing system, complete with payment plans.

Point of Sale Solves Patient Collections.
It’s as easy as 1,2,3…
Charge the Patient’s card and our partner securely stores it in the cloud.
Our partner posts the payment to the claim so no accounting is needed.
They run the card later after insurance is billed for the remaining patient balance.

Manage your Patient Collections from your easy to use Dashboard.
Easily search for patients, add payment methods, and create payment plans.

  • Search patients
  • Find Invoices
  • Add Payment Methods
  • Create Payment Plans
  • Track Everything

Value Based Care

The Revenue Cycle built for Value Based Care.
Our partner’s Revenue Cycle Management platform and service is capable of managing and maximizing all payor contracts.

Their Value Based Care works for all Providers. Their implementation process and platform can handle all contracts.

  • Value Based
  • Chargemaster
  • Payor Contracting
  • Fee for Service
  • Case Rates
  • Capitation

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