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Health Professionals Alliance is committed to perpetuating private practice through the lifecycle of a doctor’s career by generating more money and more time for them through its array of programs and services.

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Dozens of Strategic Partners

Health Professionals Alliance brings our Members a Marketplace solution that allows them to explore on their own time.


Find Solutions Quickly

Filter features allow Members to drill down to specific specialities and services to more easily find what you’re looking for.

New Partners Added Monthly

New Partners announcements reside in our revolving banner to keep you up to date.

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90-Day, No-Risk Guarantee

Member Resources

Every solution in the HPA eco-system offer a variety of discounts or benefits to bring you savings, support or even potential new revenue sources.

Phone & Internet

Save on communication needs, office technology upgrades, and operational enhancements.


Human Resources

Our human resources solutions streamline your HR department and ensure ongoing compliance with changing regulations.


Maximize payor contracting and credentialing to optimize practice potential.

Payment Services

Gain access to merchant solutions with special card rates and merchant fee control.

Employee Benefits & 401k

Simplify benefits programs and explore cost-saving opportunities for you and your employees.

Consulting & Coaching

Access specialized coaching and consulting services tailored to medical and dental practices.

Technology & Analytics

Leverage data transparency through technology to enhance practice performance.


From website development to marketing strategies, find tailored solutions for practice growth.

Unique Revenue Sources

Explore unique revenue-generating opportunities tailored to your practice.

Finance & Accounting

Access finance, accounting, and legal expertise when needed for clarity and support.

Practice Management

Streamline operations with SaaS-level practice management solutions.

Real Estate

Navigate lease negotiations, office space acquisition, and real estate transactions nationally.

IT Solutions

Stabilize internal IT needs with our array of IT solutions and partner expertise.

AI Power RCM

Access finance, accounting, and legal expertise when needed for clarity and support.

Supply & Equipment Purchasing

Purchase your supplies and equipment from approved vendors inside our portal.

Capitol Solutions

From lending to patient financing, we offer solutions to meet the needs of your practice and patients.

Gym Memberships

Stay healthy using our unique network of gym memberships for you and your staff.

Clear Aligner Programs

Find special pricing from some of the largest clear aligner suppliers for greater savings.

Waste Management

Special pricing for your waste management, bio-medical recycling and paper shredding .

Staffing & Recruiting

Several solutions await for those looking to find and hire new support and professional staff.

Fraud & Embezzlement

Support for your practice in the event you suspect potential fraud in your practice and need help.


Legal help is easily found inside our portal for quick questions or long-term engagements.

Membership & Subscriptions

Many practices generate more revenue from membership or subscription programs for patients.

Virtual Assistants

Run more cost-efficiently by employing a virtual assistant for repetitive and mundane tasks.


Everything a Practice Needs

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One Membership, Many Solutions

A membership with HPA opens the door to limitless possibilities. Enjoy discounts on supply purchasing and dozens of other services within our strategic partner library. Save money, save time and stay connected all in a single location.

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Mainstay is a flagship product from HPA that helps doctors buy other practices or simply plan an exit strategy for themselves. HPA members have access to the Mainstay program at any time. For more information, please visit Mainstay's website.



Our member portal is packed with an impressive list of strategic partners within our portal. We negotiate preferred pricing to ensure our members are finding the right solutions and saving impressive margins on nearly everything a practice needs.


Connect With Your Peers

Stay connected to other independent practice owners inside our private social community. Now you have a platform to easily engage with other members. Ask questions, talk shop and learn from one another using our intuitive social platform designed just for you.


Centralized Supply Purchasing

Experience the convenience of our centralized supply purchasing software – it’s like having a supply purchasing ‘easy button’ for your practice. Say goodbye to wasted time, wasteful spending and say hello to happy staff and efficient systems.

Starting at

90-Day, No-Risk Guarantee

Join a growing list of independent dental practices who are finding great ways to save and grow together.

No Risk Membership

  • 90 day, money-back guarantee
  • Purchase from all of your suppliers in one location
  • Join in minutes, gain access to thousands of products
  • Improve your practice with dozens of strategic partners
  • Private community focused on practice independence
  • Support for the lifecycle of your career
  • Excellent discounts and programs for clear aligners
  • Exit strategy solutions for you and your practice**

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If we can’t save you more than the cost of your monthly membership after 90 days, we’ll refund you the total amount.*

*Review Membership Terms and Conditions for details.


How It Works

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What Our Members Are Saying

"Please consider HPA. Their mission is to help us preserve, maintain and grow our private practices. They practice what they preach. I'm glad to be a part of the HPA network."

Dr. Steven Greenman


"I am very impressed with the team that HPA has assembled to help independent doctors like myself and their practices remain independent and to thrive. The opportunity for us doctors to share ownership in HPA adds an investment element that is both unique and very compelling for anyone interested in considering this path toward wealth accumulation. These are very bright people doing the right things for the right reasons, and I am very excited to be a part of what HPA is creating in the healthcare space in support of practitioners, their patients, and communities!"

Dr. Matt Hicks


​"As a solo practitioner I have always felt somewhat isolated within our industry. It’s not difficult to find great financial opportunities that DSO and even larger group practices are afforded that single doc practices simply are not. And those opportunities are not simply buy-out options, they are access to goods, services, systems, consulting, financing, etc., that dentists like myself simply are not. This concern of mine is not a new one. Attempts of solo-docs to band together have been attempted time and time again. I’ve been a part of several. The vision of HPA is thankfully different. We as members gain access to HPA’s countless resources to help fund and grow our practices, all while maintaining 100% ownership of our businesses, but also capture incredible financial opportunities through stock in a company that is growing by the day. Being a part of this community is one of the more exciting opportunities that I’ve come across in my career."

Dr. Mitch Hopkins


"HPA is the best choice helping dentists compete and control the destiny of their practices in an environment increasingly controlled by corporate groups. Dentists who are leading their practices provide the best care for the patients they serve. HPA will help you do that and much more! A unique model that every practitioner should evaluate as they consider their personal, professional, and financial future."

Dr. Brad Hester


"...I think I'm just as excited about the discount on the dental aligner cases as the dental scanner benefits we receive. That will save me thousands up front and literally tens of thousands every year! This should definitely convince anyone on the fence to join!"

Dr. Ben Wolfe


Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you’d probably have some…


What are the details of the 90 day money back guarantee?

If you fail to achieve savings exceeding the $199/month Grow Membership fee within the initial 90 days, we offer a full refund, no inquiries necessary. Our confidence in this guarantee stems from the understanding that inactive membership represents the scenario in which savings wouldn't surpass the membership cost. In such cases, it may be advisable to discontinue the membership within the first 90 days.


What happens once I sign up as a member?

Upon registration as a new member, you will receive access to HPA's member portal, enabling exploration of all facets and immediate connection with our strategic partners. Expect the following steps shortly after:

  1. Scheduling of an onboarding call.
  2. Initiation of access to our centralized supply purchasing software.
  3. Consultation regarding your practice and goals to facilitate immediate connection with suitable strategic partners.


How do I get the most out of my membership?

Optimizing your membership entails active engagement with the portal and proactive advocacy for your practice. To facilitate this, we offer the following recommendations:

  1. Involve your administrator in portal activities.
  2. Grant user access to additional staff members during registration.
  3. Leverage our AI technology. Our advanced AI agent possesses comprehensive knowledge of the portal and can provide recommendations using natural language interactions.
  4. Schedule consultations with us. Connect with a live HPA representative to expedite your journey towards innovative solutions.


How much can my practice save per year?

The annual savings potential for you and your practice hinges on various factors. Effective communication with HPA is essential for pinpointing savings opportunities.

We advise prioritizing adjustments to your supply purchasing habits, offering potential savings ranging from 5-50%, contingent upon buying patterns, volumes, and distributor choices.

With a network of over 60 strategic partners, our ecosystem offers numerous avenues for savings across multiple practice areas, beyond supply procurement.

While results may differ, many practices realize annual savings in the tens of thousands through our solutions.


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