Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership training and coaching are support systems in healthcare that are vastly underutilized, but when implemented they can be invaluable to the practice’s overall functionality.

Most healthcare professionals will openly admit that they have not received any leadership or administrative training. Evidence suggests that leadership quality affects patients, healthcare system outcomes, and the finances of the organization. One example, hospitals with higher-rated management practices and more highly rated boards of directors have been shown to deliver higher quality care and have better clinical outcomes, including lower mortality. Enhanced management practices have been associated with higher patient satisfaction rates and better financial performance. Effective leadership positively affects physician well-being, with stronger leadership associated with less physician burnout and higher satisfaction in the medical or dental practice overall. When physicians feel comfortable with the operations of the practice and the leadership strategy and style of the practice administrator, positive outcomes are quickly gained and partnership between the healthcare leadership team is greatly enhanced.

Leadership roles in a healthcare private practice setting can be lonely, and more often than not healthcare leaders find themselves without resources or colleagues with whom they can rely upon for guidance and support. While there are healthcare management organizations that provide some amount of networking, it is subpar to the healthcare coaching that is needed, especially for an inexperienced or new healthcare leader, or someone wishing to pursue leadership.

How We Can Help You

Our team at HPA can help you develop your skills as a leader, provide ongoing mentorship and leadership training that is specific to your practice, your current needs, and goals.

Ongoing leadership development is achieved through self-awareness, skill-building, competency of communication styles, and a thorough understanding of leadership styles in order to apply the right methodology for your team.

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