You care for patients.

We care for your practice.

Why HPA Exists

HPA exists to help doctors in private practice like you maintain independence, increase profitability, and maintain control over  patient care. 
We believe in doctor-owned, doctor-led healthcare, which is why we designed a unique ecosystem that aligns independent practices across the country and gives you the services and resources you need to thrive in today’s exceedingly consolidation-oriented landscape.
You deserve an alternative to corporate healthcare.  With HPA, that’s exactly what you get.

What HPA Can Do For You

Practice Performance Services

Our team works closely with each member to provide them with an objective assessment of the health of their practice and implement solutions to improve patient care, operations, staff morale, and practice profits.

We Build MSOs & DSOs With You

What do you gain by working together instead of in your siloed, small practices? Buying power. By banding together, practices create buying power giving them leverage to reduce prices, improve quality and play industry participants off one another.

Data Analytics Software

All HPA members receive a subscription to DataDx.  DataDx seamlessly organizes the data you generate from multiple sources to give you a clear picture of your business so you can make informed decisions about the future of your practice. 

Practice Solutions

Sometimes getting the best deal on outsourced solutions comes down to who you know. At Health Professionals Alliance, we have already made connections on behalf of our members to bring best in class services at a discounted rate.  HPA members get the satisfaction of receiving discounted rates on services like billing and collections, human resources, malpractice insurance, medical and dental supplies, merchant services, and much more!

What Our Members Have to Say

HPA has not only so much to offer, but it will change the face of medicine. Enough private equity garbage. Let doctors be doctors and treat patients. HPA will allow doctors to do just that and create generational wealth as well. All doctors should at least investigate this amazing opportunity.

– Dr. Michael Rieber

I am very impressed with the team that HPA has assembled to help independent doctors like myself and their practices remain independent and to thrive. The opportunity for us doctors to share ownership in HPA adds an investment element that is both unique and very compelling for anyone interested in considering this path toward wealth accumulation. These are very bright people doing the right things for the right reasons, and I am very excited to be a part of what HPA is creating in the health care space in support of practitioners, their patients, and communities!

– Dr. Matt Hicks

We engaged with Health Professionals Alliance Inc. (HPA) to get a better understanding of the payors we are contracted with and the financial impact each payor has on our organization. HPA was able to help us compile information that will be used to help us decide which insurance payors we will choose to work with and which we choose not to work with. This information will also help us establish which protocols are helpful and which are not and the best way to utilize the resources they make available. The team at HPA provided constant communication about updates and worked extremely fast despite the disorganized and inconsistently presented information we provided. 

-Dr. Arash Niazi & Dr. Tina Olsson of Silverdale Endodontics

More than ever I feel HPA really has my back!  I had been so bogged down with the expansion and hiring new employees and preparing for a family vacation that I did not get a chance to read the subordination document in a timely fashion. It is good to know that HPA is like a friend in the trenches as we fight to change the medical/dental landscape!

– Dr. Scott Babin

…It’s almost impossible to have a successful practice without assistance from other professionals. People with experience in practice management, marketing, human resources, accounting and legal services investments, IT services, practice appraisals, recruitment of personnel and the list goes on. HPA it’s an organization that is providing the services to help you reach your goals and your potential…Whatever your practice needs HPA can help but the best part is that you have the option of ownership in the company. It’s a win-win deal for everyone.

As a solo practitioner I have always felt somewhat isolated within our industry. It’s not difficult to find great financial opportunities that DSO and even larger group practices are afforded that single doc practices simply are not. And those opportunities are not simply buy-out options, they are access to goods, services, systems, consulting, financing, etc that dentists like myself imply are not. This concern of mine is not a new one. And attempts of solo-docs to band together have been attempted time and time again. I’ve been a part of several. The vision of HPA is thankfully different. We as members gain access to HPAs countless resources to help run and grow our practices, all while maintaining 100% ownership of our businesses, but also capture incredible financial opportunities through stock in a company that is growing by the day. Being a part of this community is one of the more exciting opportunities that I’ve come across in my career.

– Dr. Mario Samaniego

HPA is next level. The services is incredible. They are going to help me get to that next level.

– Dr. Trevor Tsuchikawa

Please consider HPA. Their mission is to help us preserve, maintain and grow our private practices. They practice what they preach. I’m glad to be a part of the HPA network.

– Steven Greenman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HPA?

Health Professionals Alliance (HPA) is a group purchasing organization that leverages technology to help independent medical and dental practices become more profitable and thrive in today’s market.  Not only do HPA members receive discounts to services they already use but they also have the option to become owners in the company.  HPA prides itself on a being a company built to support the independent doctor which is why our Advisory Board is comprised of physicians, dentists, and industry experts.

Health Professionals Alliance (HPA) exists to support and enhance independent medical and dental practices. Our membership model brings best in class solutions to private practice – all technology enabled and scalable. We believe that while many options for the doctor of today exist, HPA is the answer for those that desire independence, are innovative and hungry for a brighter future. The HPA team has decades of practice management and business experience and have built an ancillary model that alleviates the need for a doctor to give up their independence. At HPA we believe in putting the care of patients back into the hands of doctors and HPA Membership can accomplish this. Doctors are better together.

How does HPA Differ from Private Equity (PE) / Corporate or Hospital Consolidation?

HPA exists to support independence in healthcare and to preserve private practice. It is our belief, and that of our members, that corporate consolidation has been a negative trend in healthcare. This trend has impacted doctors’ ability to earn as much and their ability to care for their patients the best way they see fit. It has taken control out of the hands of doctors and left patients with few options and often higher costs.

At HPA we do not buy practices, rather we support independent physicians and dentists with the tools, resources, and team to thrive in their market, reduce their operating burden, and put more of their time into their patients and themselves.

How is the HPA MSO/DSO Different?

HPA differs from a traditional MSO/DSO in a variety of ways. Our model gives our members unmatched flexibility, access to tools, resources, and team to support their operations 100% on their terms. It is a membership driven model in which services are utilized as needed.  We partner with the practice in their region on a specialty basis to bolster the administration of the practice.  HPA does not own the clinical assets of the practice. 

What Services Does HPA Offer Private Practices?

HPA offers a range of best-in-class support services designed to help a physician or dentist operate, improve, and grow their business on their terms. Some of these services are internal while others are delivered through carefully selected external vendors, and all of which are vetted, and refined to help practices thrive.

Services include, but are not limited to: Data analytics, contracting, credentialing, compliance, billing and collections, marketing, HR, finance, IT support, wealth management, consulting, and a variety of support services. Most are highly customizable and tailored to the unique needs of each practice.

As a member of HPA, these services cost less than can be found on the open market, and as an Owner-Member in HPA, they help drive overall share value.

What Does it Cost to be a Member of HPA

The cost of membership is less than $1000 a month* and the value provided through the membership makes it not only a net neutral investment but a highly profitable investment. The membership fee includes DataDX, a world class, real-time data analytics dashboard, and access to a concierge-type account manager (Regional Manager) and consulting support services. Others services are purchased a la cart at a discount for members.

Owner-Members not only gain all the advantages of membership but also get to participate in the overall financial gains of the company as a shareholder.

Membership in HPA is limited to independent medical and dental practices and only select practices qualify. Click here to explore membership.

(*per provider, discounts assigned based upon practice volume).

How do I Learn More/Join HPA?

We offer webinars lead by senior leaders of our Dental and Physician divisions, to register for an upcoming Model Presentation Webinar, click here.

A Doctor Owned, Doctor Led Alliance