Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare Recruiting

Every healthcare organization knows that finding qualified candidates for leadership positions can feel like a losing battle. Not only is the pool of potential medical executives growing increasingly slim but finding the creative incentives that propel your facility to the top of the prospect list can be equally fraught. This may seem contrary to the influx of employment statistics flooding the airwaves day after day; and they are. Despite economic upswings or downturns, physicians and medical professionals are consistently in greater demand as the American population enjoys longer life expectancies. We agree, that’s a great problem to have. That said, when 2032 rolls around and the number of citizens over the age of 65 has increased by 48 percent, data suggests executive healthcare recruiting will be exponentially more challenging. That’s why there’s no better time to consider healthcare recruiting services from Health Professionals Alliance (HPA) to expertly handle your medical recruiting. You have enough to do to ensure your patients’ excellent care, let us plan your executive healthcare recruiting strategy for you.

Find Untapped Value in Your Practice

​Who Are We?

Health Professionals Alliance is a national healthcare company that offers a solution-based platform for private Physician and Dental practices to access services, financial, analytics and consulting expertise. Among our many consulting roles, we have forged a niche in providing proven recruiting strategies with the goal of filling your leadership vacancies with the most qualified healthcare professionals. Over the last half century, we have built an impressive coalition of medical service specialists and relationships within the healthcare industry with a mission to advance private practices. Our goal is to equip your practice with all the tools necessary to stay independent, profitable and build value while maintaining control over the quality of care your patients depend on. Health Professionals Alliance exists to make your life easier and healthcare executive recruitment is a major way we do that every day. Our proven process is unique and personalized to ensure you find the right person for the job for years to come.

Benefits of Executive Medical Recruiting

At its core, healthcare as we know it has dramatically shifted over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and there is plenty of evidence to suggest these are permanent changes. Finding qualified candidates was already challenging prior to the global pandemic and those that are worth hiring are savvy enough to know their value. According to the Health eCareers 2018 Healthcare Recruiting Trends Report, 34 percent of hiring managers reported a noticeable uptick in job offer rejections in 2018 compared to the previous year. That is most likely a contributing factor for the 37 percent who also note that securing appropriate employees is taking considerably longer. Since we all know that time is often measured by lost currency, the internal process of recruiting for the healthcare industry is increasingly expensive.

Recruiting healthcare executives that can do the job is one challenge but finding staff that will stay for the long haul is quite another. Turnover has been on the rise in Physician and Dental practices for quite some time and 61 percent of surveyed employers said they experienced an undesirable amount of voluntary departures. Healthcare recruitment firms like HPA have an extensive screening process to ensure that you are bringing in people who are not only capable but who are also the right fit for your organization which helps curb turnover. We take the time necessary to give potential candidates a good experience so they can feel good about the change they’re making. Our process ensures that there are no surprises waiting down the line that might make them reconsider their decision just a few months in which saves everyone a lot of wasted time, money, and hard feelings. That kind of attention given to, not only your needs but those of your future associate, is so important for engaging the right people.

Enlisting recruiting agencies for healthcare executive staffing takes such a huge weight off of your shoulders. We do the leg work to filter out those whose credentials may look impressive at first glance but do not have the working knowledge or temperament to succeed in the position you’re hiring for. Of course, you are always in charge of who you bring on to your team, but wouldn’t it be nice to only interview candidates who have gone through a vigorous screening process before their resume lands on your desk.

How We Deliver for You

Experience still matters.
Hiring guidelines that worked well ten years ago are irrelevant today and you need a healthcare recruitment agency that is creatively current in their methods. You need look no further than HPA.

We have been developing lasting relationships with prominent MBA programs and medical institutions for many decades, so we operate from a very large pool for our executive healthcare recruitment. We utilize those broad connections to hone in on the best candidates that fit a profile tailor-made for your specific organization and the position you’re seeking to fill. How do we do that? We’re glad you asked.

From our very first meeting, our goal is to learn everything we can about the position you’re hiring for and the professional culture you promote. That step may be the most consequential because once we know all there is to know about your organization, we have what we need to curate qualified candidates who fit in as though they’ve been there all along. HPA doesn’t draw from a bank of generic applicants like many recruiters do. We actually pull from our extensive healthcare recruiting resources to find leaders uniquely suited to your practice.

Believe it or not, many physicians and leaders aren’t naturally adept hiring managers and do better with some tried and true recruiting guidance for healthcare. We go above and beyond for our clients, even so far as to offer interview training so you have a solid structure to follow. That includes tailored interview questions, advice on how to ask those questions as well as conducting the pre-interviews ourselves as part of our initial screening process. We will be there every step of the way because HPA offers nothing short of a full-service approach to executive healthcare recruiting.

Our Step by Step Approach

From the moment you connect with us, we are immediately working to fill your open seat. The executive healthcare recruitment flow should go something like this:


  • We will immediately conduct an intake interview with you and your team to get a clear picture of the position you need to fill so we can draft a specific job description and fully outline the interview process. During this time, we’re also gaining a working knowledge of your clinic so we know where to start scoping out potential candidates.
  • From there, we will draft a proposal that you can review and sign.
  • Within two weeks from signing on with us, we will have specific candidates we are working with to find the right match.
  • While we’re connecting and conducting pre-interviews with these candidates, you will receive weekly updates on where we are in the process.
  • At that point, it’s important to create interview guidelines that will help you know the perfect candidate when you meet with them. We will give you the right interview questions and help you fine tune your interviewing techniques.
  • We will negotiate your offer package with our insight into the candidate’s circumstances at your request.
  • If you’re open to relocating a candidate for this position, we can facilitate those negotiations as well and offer consultation to help you decide if your practice’s location is geographically a good option for relocation.
  • Once you’ve made an offer and it has been accepted, we will follow up with your new healthcare executive within the first 90 days to make sure they’re happy with the transition and the match is indeed a good one.
  • From there, your practice will join our network of relationships and we will always be at your disposal for any of our other consulting services or future medical recruiting needed.
    Our recruiting for healthcare professionals process works because we offer a human touch. We care about your success and we know that leadership positions are among the most crucial to get right. Turnover isn’t just a concern at the executive level. According to a 2017 SMD study, senior leadership and management are among the top three reasons team members choose to leave their positions. That is why finding the right person to fill your executive seat is so essential because the wrong choice can cost you the trust and longevity of critical team members.

In Closing

Recruiting for healthcare executives takes a tremendous amount of care and strategic planning. It is a full-time job to curate candidates properly and because the right leadership can make or break an organization, your practice deserves the very best. Health Professionals Alliance has a network of hundreds of healthcare organizations nationwide and that experience is priceless in the world of medical recruitment. Our consulting service doesn’t end when you choose the perfect hire, we follow up for months to ensure your choice really is a great fit for everyone, including the candidate. From the moment you sign on with us, you are part of the HPA family and we will be there for you for any future hires with less of an initial learning curve and are available for any of the many other broad services we provide. Why do we do all this? Because we know your success is a gift to your community and we care about people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a talent acquisition specialist?

This is the person who will guide you through the entire interview process, curate the perfect candidates, and be there for you throughout the entire hiring phase. A talent acquisition specialist is a professional who has developed creative recruiting techniques over many years for you to benefit from.

Why healthcare executive recruitment ?

Recruiting for healthcare leadership is a specialized field because the pool is so small and the right person for your organization may not know yet that the right change is waiting for them just around the corner. A talent acquisition specialist knows how to cultivate candidate relationships that lead to happy transitions.

What can a healthcare recruiter do for me?

Our talent acquisition specialists will coach you on how to interview your candidates, what to ask them, negotiate offer packages that work for both parties and follow-up to make sure everyone is happy with the outcome.

Will a healthcare recruiting agency make direct hires?

No. You are always in charge of who you hire but we will make getting to a ‘Yes’ a whole lot easier

What is the process for professional healthcare recruiting ?

HPA provides full-service healthcare recruiting. Our team will meet with you, learn about your organization inside and out, find candidates who fit the profile for the specific position you need filled, do pre-interviews to ensure the candidate and culture are well matched, guide you through the interview phase, and check back in for the first 90 days once who’ve hired someone to make certain you made the right choice for everyone.

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