DataDx Dental

Understanding the performance metrics and true value of your dental practice requires knowledge across many areas of performance and sources of data. DataDx aggregates the multiple sources of practice data to create a single destination for powerful reports and visuals, aligning strategic business and operational objectives with the ability to identify problem areas and drive improvements.

Critical information right at your fingertips

Data-driven insights tailored to suit the roles and goals of users at every level.
Our enterprise-grade analytics solution delivers the latest advancements and innovations in cloud computing and machine learning to keep you ahead of the curve.

DataDx Dental Software

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DataDx Dental Software

With shifting business trends, environmental changes, and a slew of industry regulations, running a medical practice is more challenging than ever.

Tailored specifically for clinics, DataDx provides the real-time insights your practice needs to achieve long-term and sustainable business results.