Sheila Kirkegaard, Healthcare Business Consultant

With a long list of academic achievements, a CPA license and certifications to support her more than 20 years spent in the fields of healthcare and finance, Sheila’s expertise is second to none. She has been able to combine her experience in Finance & Business Intelligence, Operations, and Technology to help medical practices achieve their optimal performance time and again. Working for health organizations led Sheila to create an Enterprise version of a physician directory with her software developer husband Niels, which Washington State Healthcare Exchange, One Health Port subscribed as a service. Her unending passion for improving the health of American citizens drives her to advance better patient outcomes, reduce costs, and inspire more joy for healthcare workers by drawing on her wealth of knowledge. This personal mission has complimented her work for medical practices all along and propels her to seek new ways of accomplishing it. In HPA, Sheila has found a likeminded partner to ensure independent doctors can thrive in the increasingly competitive healthcare landscape and we’re so glad she’s on our team.
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