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Health Professionals Alliance provides the services healthcare practices need to smoothly run operations and focus on providing the care your patients deserve. 


Our finance team understands the stress involved with navigating financial solutions to help your business operate more efficiently. That’s why our experienced financial team is dedicated to identifying the financial solutions that are best for your practice. We negotiate exclusive rates and the lowest fees for our members, and guide you through the process so you have the best experience possible in making financial decisions. 

This is the cornerstone of HPA’s product offerings. Our Doctor’s First program provides our members with a tool to unlock the equity in their pracitce without having to sell. Our members do not relinquish any control over their practice and diversify their practice over the value of the collective Alliance.

We have a cash-out program designed for dentists and physicians. Qualify based on your historical cash-flow to receive up to $200k cash-out that you can use for business operations or to buy equipment for your practice. 

HPA has an alternative to traditional lending programs to provide your practice with a source of liquidity. By using eligible securities as collateral, instead of cash-flow, you can have access to the funds you need to run your business or take care of personal matters. The Practice Relief Program should help you feel better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Group practices will require a transfer of ownership at some time in their opperational life. We understand that each group practice is unique. Our experienced team can customize a buyout structure that meets all your doctor’s and associate’s needs. We will guide you through the process and provide you with financing tools. 

Many dental practices will unnecessiarly carry high-interest equipment loans on their books. Our Debt Consolidation & Refinance program can be used to consolidate equipment debts and recast acquisiton loans into an affordable low-interest loan. 


Health Professionals Alliance offers data solutions to help keep your practice moving in the right direction.  The state-of-the-art analytic tool puts you in charge of your business. 

Tailored specifically for medical practices, the DataDx cloud-based software provides you with the real-time insights your practice needs to achieve long-term and sustainable business results. DataDx integrates with all of your practices relevant sources of data providing you with reports and visuals needed to implement best practices and achieve quality and cost goals. 

Understanding the performance metrics and true value of your dental practice requires knowledge across many areas of performance and sources of data. DataDx aggregates the multiple sources of practice data to create a  single destination for powerful reports and visuals, aligning strategic business and operational objectives with the ability to identify problem areas and drive improvements. 


Leverage the support and smarts of our healthcare experts. Our consulting team uses a holistic approach to take a deep dive into practice operations to help you forge a path for sustainable growth. 

HPA works with practices to review and renegotiate payor contracts, resulting in better terms and rates, while cultivating better relationships along they way. Our work and relationships across the country has enabled us to build relationships with major health plans in multiple regional markets, resulting in insights and expertise that we bring to our clients. 

Our recruiting team understands the value of having the right people in leadership roles.  We work directly with clients to understand the right profile needed to fill your open leadership positions. 

Medical practice face financial challenges due to declining revenues, rising costs, and limited access to capital. Our consulting team helps clients meet these challenges, develop solutions, and position their organization for sustainable growth. 

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By working closely with your team, we help your practice streamline processes, eliminate redundancy, kill communication gaps, and ensure proper follow through. Our team specializes in optimizing patient flow, service-line workflow, scheduling templates, clinical processes, and the necessary robust administrative procedures to handle the wake of paperwork that comes along with operating a medical practice. 

Managing growth is not easy, even with the right people and the right processes there are large scale projects to complete, regulations to meet, and metrics to beat. Need help with service line expansion or rationalization? Trying to decide if you should open a new location and where to put it? No idea how to model what your new partner will mean for your revenue? What about their buy-in figures? Want to finally launch that medspa you’ve been dreaming about? Our team has helped with it all.

IT Solutions

For compliance driven organizations, keeping up can mean dedicated staff with increasingly specialized training, requiring service provider partners to sign BAA’s, holding regular meetings and trainings, and document compliance on a regular basis.  Effortless Office provides the solutions practices need to remain and prove compliance.

Our solutions serve to reduce your organization’s compliance burdens by helping you meet the regulatory mandates set for highly-regulated industries.

Effortless provides an easy to use compliance portal for collaboration between Effortless, IT Support, Internal Auditors, and subject matter experts.

We provide primary reports, worksheets, and presentations to assist your internal auditors in keeping your compliance efforts on-track.


Coming soon HPA will offer the following insurance options to meet your needs:

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