Roy Rose, Chairman of the Board

Roy Rose brings over 30 years of diverse experience in the private equity market to the Health Professionals Alliance (HPA) mission. As a financial and strategic professional, Roy has repeatedly propelled company growth, expansion and diversification by developing effective corporate strategies and restructuring plans for actionable business and financial transitions. Since 1985, he has provided leadership in structuring and investing in leverage buyouts, real estate, analysis, and private investing for nearly 40 acquisitions and management buyouts.
As Chairman of the Board for HPA, in addition to serving as CEO and chairman of Whitestone, Roy believes in a personal philosophy to that we all are capable of the courage to never settle for ‘average’ and can push oneself towards the exceptional. That’s part of what led him to the healthcare field. He saw an urgent need to put medical care back into the hands of physicians rather than insurance companies and hospital administrators in order to reduce the cost of treatment without compromising quality. 
Roy brings his passion for competing with the knowledge that winning in business isn’t defined the same way as it is in sports, where there is always a distinct winner and a loser. A true win in business means there is never a loser. With Roy’s philosophy and guidance, HPA helps practices bring better care at lower costs for patients and more peace of mind to their doctors and dentists.
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