Patrick Anderson, Associate Data Engineer - DataDx

What makes Patrick a great fit for DataDx is more than his extensive expertise, although that certainly helps. His capacity for thinking big and mindfully looking for opportunities to make the world a better place is completely in line with our mission to impact healthcare in a positive way. For Patrick, working on a revolutionary healthcare technology platform provides an opportunity to do something he has always had a passion for; to help people. This work also feeds his natural drive to solve complex problems so overall, becoming our associate data engineer nourishes his belief that one should make every moment count in this life. The road to gaining the professional expertise necessary to take on this position began with a client facing tech position which gave him a solid understanding of clinical workflows, healthcare reporting, and translating technology to end-users. From there, Patrick moved into software engineering where he developed some significant expertise in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and put those skills to work for a coordinated care organization. This experience has made him especially adept at creating the kind of interactive and user-friendly data analytics platform that healthcare providers can use to streamline their practice operations and deliver better care. We at DataDx love Patrick’s passion for problem-solving as well as his love of doing good in this world and our team is so glad that he’s putting these attributes to work for our clients.
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