Noelle Vilela, Payor Enrollment Specialist

As someone who values a sense of purpose in everything she does, Noelle spent over a decade taking on multiple administrative roles inside the medical arena before joining HPA. Working as a support to patients, physicians, surgeons, hospital leadership and other healthcare executives, she learned the importance of fostering an openness to new ideas and learning how to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Noelle is no stranger to a strong work ethic with Midwestern roots helping to drive her tenacious approach as our Payor Enrollment Specialist. Her work helps our members identify procedural redundancies and other areas in need of an administrative overhaul. Exploring new avenues to increase efficiency is fun for Noelle and she harbors a passion for reducing drag in medical organizations so doctors can focus on what matters most, delivering excellent patient care. She is also adept at helping people from diverse backgrounds come together for heightened productivity and the cultivation of healthy work relationships. Noelle is a powerful force working to streamline healthcare operations for our members and we are thrilled to have her on our team.
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