John Van Leeuwen, VP of Membership

With a personal motto to ‘work hard at something you love, and your job will be a permanent vacation,’ John’s passion for helping dentists make sound financial decisions comes from the heart. As a young financial advisor, he realized that many dentists had little to no training on how to run their business or harnessing financial planning methods. When he saw how grateful they were for his expertise and guidance on these matters, John decided to carve out a niche in advising dental organizations. Soon, he became recognized as a leader in the industry by authoring articles, traveling the country for speaking engagements, and even developing dental school curricula to teach the business side of dentistry. For 27 years, John has advised dentists on all aspects of their personal and practice financial planning including: retirement, tax, estate, investment, cash flow, and debt management. From 1994 through 2005, he founded and was the president of the Portland firm IPA Dental Financial Planning. In 2006 John orchestrated a merger of IPA with the Partners Group where he acted as a Senior Vice President and Director of Dental Practice Services and Wealth Management. In 2011 he founded Green Sail Transitions, Inc., a dental practice valuation and sales company serving the Pacific Northwest. With so many years in the field, John has witnessed how often dentists struggle to accumulate wealth for retirement. This has only grown his dedication for helping dentists develop financial strategies that will maximize their options upon retiring. With a fierce commitment to honesty and integrity driving every decision he makes, he joined HPA as President of our Dental Group. John believes wholeheartedly that once more dental practitioners understand the vast benefits our model provides to hardworking doctors; they will see what a much-needed solution HPA offers to their lives and livelihoods.
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