Jessica McBurney, Regional Manager

Combining over a decade of experience in healthcare with a knack for finding innovative solutions, Jessica has become an invaluable member of our HPA team. Her time as a hands-on clinical RN shaped a love of mentoring and showed her the debilitating consequences of poor organizational change. Jessica furthered her experience as an administrator for an independent review organization where she received extensive training in Lean methodology and operational efficiency. From there, healthcare consulting was a natural segue. Jessica joined dataDX as a Healthcare Business Consultant in 2018 where her broad range of experience cultivated a unique set of specialized skills. Her authentic understanding of the challenges that patients, providers and payors face in healthcare today made her an instinctive medical practice consultant. Once dataDX and HPA joined forces, Jessica’s talent for connecting the dots within healthcare organizations easily transitioned her into a new role as Regional Manager (RM) in November, 2020. This position empowers her to act as a liaison for our HPA membership base working directly with members and their practice leadership to maximize their potential. As RM, Jessica’s culmination of experience acts as a powerful lens through which she can identify lingering opportunities to align HPA membership interests across the various services. Her skill and her heart are a perfect match for our mission and there is no better advocate to have looking out for you!
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