Grant Diggles, VP of Membership

There is no box big enough to contain the many diverse interests of our Physicians’ Group President. Grant is a best-selling co-author for his work on “The Soul of Success, Vol 2” with Jack Canfield and he is led by a philosophy that embraces good relationships and solving problems as the best markers of success. In 2005 he took on the CEO role at Outpatient Anesthesia Services and went on to become CEO of a business management company called The Cummings Group from 2006 to 2018. With his own personal patient experiences driving him, Grant joined the HPA mission to positively impact patient care by helping doctors thrive. He sees the healthcare industry as naturally confusing and full of hard-working professionals who need advocates surrounding them to push for their organizations’ best interests. When fulfilling this advocacy properly, providers as well as patients benefit with better care and fewer headaches. We’re glad we have Grant on our team, serving our physician members every day.
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