Glen Lawrence, Chief Business Officer - DataDx

From the start of DataDx, Glen has held a key role in bringing ingenuity and foresight to our core mission. His career in healthcare goes back to his time as a teenager working in a hospital cafeteria after school and on the weekends. There Glen had interactions with patients and providers that helped shape his empathy for the many complexities within the healthcare industry and how they affect people. He went on to earn his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Finance from Portland State University, while continuing to work in the hospital’s diagnostic imaging department. From there he built a solid business foundation as an accountant for four hospitals within a regional health system then became senior accountant for their regional services before joining a hospital consulting startup. Glen gained extensive experience utilizing large claims datasets along with financial and clinical data to impact operational and strategic decision-making for 60 hospitals, before transitioning into a tactical role performing budgeting, financial reporting, productivity, and benchmarking activities for an academic medical center’s hospitals and clinics. Eventually, his educational journey expanded as he received his MBA in Healthcare Management from Oregon Health & Science University and began working as a management consultant for single-specialty, multi-specialty, and university owned clinics. Over these years, Glen gained an inside view of the vast operational disadvantages private medical organizations have suffered and how patients are negatively impacted when doctors have fewer opportunities to maintain their independence. As our Chief Business Officer, Glen brings his full range of experience in finance, data science and healthcare management to bare for the explicit betterment of independent doctors nationwide. He is driven by the belief that technology has the power to rapidly break down information barriers for small healthcare organizations. Glen’s passion for the human experience is what drives him to leverage every tool in his wheelhouse in an innovative way to enable the sharing of information, rapid data-driven decision-making, closer collaboration and a greater understanding of business processes. He is committed to reframing how the delivery of healthcare is measured with real-time indicators and a greater understanding of performance metrics in order to produce better results for patients and doctors at lower costs. We know that Glen has the advancement of every physician and dentist in mind as the DataDx platform grows and we’re lucky to have him.
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