Eric Schulz, VP Business Development & Healthcare Consultant

As one of Health Professionals Alliance core members, Eric brings over two decades of experience to bare as a champion for medical practices nationwide. Not only is he recognized for his academic pursuits with a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Oregon and a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from OHSU; but Eric is well-known as a nice guy who loves what he does. Our VP of Business Development believes that the best outcomes rise from people who are empowered to do their best. His passion for lifting up others professionally led him back to OHSU to serve as an Adjunct Professor, teaching executives in both the MS and MBA in Healthcare Management programs. Eric was drawn to healthcare because he sees so many opportunities to help fix a broken system that is structured to focus on disease over people, and treatment over health. Having seen up close with his own loved ones some of the best and worst experiences our healthcare system has to offer, he decided every human deserves only the best. So, Eric works every day to help medical practices fine tune their operations so doctors can spend their time and energy on the people they serve. That’s why he is widely recognized as a healthcare leader in his own right with a fierce commitment to impart organizational development, improved services, cost controls and operational efficiency to all of HPA’s members and clients. Isn’t it nice to know you have someone on your side?
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