Doug Fettig, VP of Membership

Despite Doug’s CPA and MBA academic achievements, he believes the best decision he ever made was dropping out of college at 20 years old. After working for a year afterwards, he bought a one-way ticket to Hamburg, Germany where he began hitchhiking around Europe. That incredible time led to years of countless opportunities to authentically connect with humanity, and it changed Doug’s perception of the world permanently. When he returned to college and eventually to the traditional workforce, he had forged a better appreciation of peoples unique strengths and individual contributions. Now, Doug has over two decades of experience in business consulting and development combined with his deep desire to understand people’s passions through sincere connections. As a dental business advisor, he brings his engaging and entertaining speaking style to dental seminars, academies study groups and vendor forums around the country. This experience has made him skilled at incorporating HPAs expertise to help dentists grow thriving practices while creating the retirement of their dreams.
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