Dorothy Gasque, Business Analyst - DataDx

In the field of data analytics, Dorothy is a standout human being. After serving in Iraq for the U.S. Army, she came home and took on an active role in her community by working in local politics and continues to serve the Clark County Chart Review Commission to this day. Needless to say, having an impact on the well-being of others is meaningful to Dorothy. As a data specialist, she was drawn to healthcare for several reasons. Of course, the field is growing in the medical realm but most crucially, she loves being a part of an industry that everyone needs and benefits from when it works well. Dorothy was initially drawn to the DataDx mission of keeping small to medium-size healthcare organizations solvent through affordable intelligence tools because it evoked that sense of purpose that fuels her ongoing intention to become a better version of herself. That feeling has only grown as she has seen firsthand the empowering impact real-time data analytics can have on patients and doctors alike. This undertaking, beyond monetary compensation or any other incentive, makes even the most tedious parts of her job worthwhile. Her homelife is a worthy reflection of Dorothy’s incredible character with a little organic farm that houses a bunch of spoiled chickens as well as a variety of fruit trees and berry plants to make delicious jams or jellies from. One thing is clear, while her Bachelor’s in Mathematics gave her the academic experience she needed for data analysis, her heart and passion for meaningful work made her a perfect fit for DataDx.
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