Courtney Stevenson, Consultant

Courtney brings over a decade of fine-tuning a career dedicated to the healthcare industry. She realized early on that if she could somehow combine her love of health with her passion for maintaining meaningful relationships, she might find a way to have a lasting positive impact on people’s lives. Courtney began her professional journey by earning a Bachelors in Health Management and Policy from Oregon State University as well as a Certificate in Healthcare Administration and Management from OHSU. Prior to joining HPA, she managed a provider relations team for a nationwide insurance company and coordinated member services for a large health plan in Oregon. This experience gives Courtney an edge in the industry because she understands what motivates payors to come to the table. Her payor contracting and credentialing philosophy is one of open communication and straightforward negotiations because she knows what motivates payors to meet her halfway. With a proven track record of going to the mat for her clients every time it is warranted and helping them adjust expectations when necessary, Courtney brings that balance necessary to facilitate success in the small pool that is the Oregon healthcare industry. Her deep commitment to providing detailed, comprehensive analysis of your payor contracts is deep seeded and always fruitful. If a path exists for your practice to negotiate the best reimbursement rates among your competitors, Courtney will find it. She’s the perfect addition to any payor contracting endeavor.
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