Brooke Nelson, Regional Manager

As a Portland, Oregon born nature lover, Brooke has enjoyed all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer her entire life. In 2021, she and her family relocated to the Phoenix area looking for a change of scenery and some sunny new landscapes and restaurants to explore. As a Regional Manager for HPA, Brooke’s experience as an RN and Nurse Manager plays a crucial role in her ability to serve our members well. Whether she was born with it or picked it up along the way, her passion for continuous team and process improvement is a big part of what makes her a perfect fit for this role. Brooke finds inspiration in turning something that is not working well into a high-functioning asset through collaboration and determination. Her reverence for great customer service not only makes her popular among our members for the quality of service they receive, but it helps her identify ways of making their patient experiences even better as well. Ultimately, Brooke is committed to our HPA mission of fortifying independent healthcare for the future and facilitating better outcomes for both patients and providers for generations to come.
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