Brendon Lundberg, President of Membership

Growing up with a dad in healthcare administration, Brendon is keenly aware of the everyday struggles providers and patients face. Rather than shy away from it, he embraced the intersection of science, business and helping people by devoting 15 years to healthcare related businesses. This came in the form of various leadership roles ranging from the C-suite of hospitals to hundreds of medical practice back offices. In 2014, his healthcare business expertise and MBA collided with his personal experience as a previous chronic pain sufferer, leading Brendon to co-found Radiant Pain Relief Centres. This endeavor led to co-authoring the Amazon Bestselling book Radiant Relief – A Case For A Better Solution To Chronic Pain, which imparted a new vision for the future of pain management. He believes everyone should be able to explore their best life and he demonstrates this every time he paints a new piece or plays his guitar in one two bands, he’s a part of. It is this hands-on expertise as well as his philosophy to identify, develop and promote excellence in the people and organizations with which he associates that makes Brendon such a perfect fit as HPAs VP of Membership Services.
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