Fair Access to Your Data? How the Cures Act impacts your practice.

Fair Access to Your Data? How the Cures Act impacts your practice Most of you are aware of the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) that passed in 2016 requiring providers and Electronic Health Record (EHRs) companies to grant patients access to their own health data. What you may not realize is the American Medical Association (AMA) has been working with The Office of the National

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Optimizing Reimbursement

The Top 8 Missed Reimbursement Opportunities and How to FIX Them! By Courtney Stevenson, Payor Contracting Specialist Could your medical practice use some improvements, but the money just isn’t there? Maybe you have an exam table that has seen better days or your IT software desperately needs an update? It can be frustrating to look at other healthcare organizations that seemingly want for

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A Legacy Forged in Culture

A Legacy Forged in Culture By Kate Othus, MHA Our Culture; Our Soul There is something purely original about the culture forged and fostered by every organization. Some have likened a business culture to a fingerprint that may be similar to others, but is uniquely distinct when examined closely. Sure, some components like industry focus, products, and services, or even a company’s mission

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Health Professionals Alliance: 2020 Member Update

Health Professionals Alliance: 2020 Member Update 2020 was an unforgettable year for many reasons. At Health Professionals Alliance we were confronted by unexpected challenges that we could have never predicted.  The restriction of non-elective surgeries, businesses being forced to close, and not being able to hold in-person meetings all took a toll on our ability to accomplish our goals. In the markets that HPA

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Lump Sum Investing vs. Dollar Cost Averaging, Round 1: Raw Returns

Lump-Sum Investing vs. Dollar-Cost Averaging Round 1: Raw Returns By Jeff Griswold, Merit Wealth  Good news – you have an extra $24,000, and you’ve decided to invest it in the stock market. It’s always nice to have investable cash on hand. But you also might feel as if the pressure is on. Nobody enjoys seeing the market take a dive shortly after they

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