Ben Lawrence, Manager of Analytics - DataDx

From a very early age, Ben was drawn to everything technology and computers related and would spend hours tinkering with his family’s IBM Aptiva running Windows 95. That passion only grew as he got older, but it conflicted with his natural interest in healthcare. Just as Ben was fully debating whether to enroll in a Computer Science or Medical degree, he became aware of an accelerated program that nourished both pursuits. As a result, he went on to earn his BS in Computer Science from Portland State University with a Master of Biomedical Informatics from OHSU and has since been certified as a Registered Health Information Administrator by the American Health Information Management Association. This gave Ben the perfect intersection between healthcare and information technology that he was looking for. Working with clinicians, payors, and quality improvement analysts to support population health initiatives as well as using health information exchange to report on clinical quality metrics prior to joining our team gave him a clear sense for what the DataDx software could achieve. Ben has since grown our platform by helping to develop its Anomaly Detection system and enjoys making sure we are staying up to date with the latest in machine learning, cloud computing, and application development. It should come as no surprise that he loves solving complex problems and views software creation as a vast teaching opportunity for those who utilize it. For these and so many more reasons, Ben is a valued member of our HPA/DataDx team and continues to aid in our mission daily.
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